Givetastic - Smart Donation Wallet App

Dear Participant, the purpose of this survey is to get your feedback so Givetastic can improve the Givetastic Smart Donation Wallet for Employee Microgiving (Donation Wallet) and deliver a satisfying user experience. 

A Donation Wallet is an allotment of money, offered to you an employee, which will allow that employee to contribute money to social causes that they care about, transparently from company's donation budget.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this 10 minute survey. Please contact in case you have any questions.

Are employees incorporated in the decision making of donations?
Does the company you work at donate on a regular basis (monthly or more)?
How important is the incorporation of employees to you, when it comes to donating? (1: very unimportant and 5 : very important)
Do you have the impression that your Employees/Coworkers would like to engage more socially?
Approximately how much money (% of donation volume) does the company you work for spend on social and donation campaigns? (All costs organizing a campaign etc.)
Are you familiar with Employee-Engagement Services like JustGiving, Benevity, YourCause etc.?


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