A Corporate Donation Wallet 

For Employee Microgiving

Empowering every person and organization to create  positive social impact !



Our purpose is to boost social engagement, transparency and empower individuals to create positive social impact. 

A study from Global Tolerance about values show, 68% of people think that businesses, governments and nonprofits all need to deliver more social and environmental change. Companies already do a lot for social and environmental issues in the form of CSR. But employees are often not involved in these decisions. We want to tackle this topic and empower employees to create global impact. Givetastic offers a social engagement wallet app for businesses and employees to decide how to distribute company resources  for sustainable  impact.

Givetastic.org is not just another company. We believe that technology can be used for social good and want to pave an example for change. Our aim is to inspire virtuous actions around the world. Our use of AI technology is purely limited to providing good recommendations. We honor your data privacy and would never misuse your trust in any way.





CEO & Co-Founder

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Giving is not about making a donation,It is about making a difference.

- Kathy Calvin


Co-Founder & Data Scientist

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Help others achieve their dream and you will achieve yours.

- Les Brown


Businesss Development

The earth is what we all have in common, Spend time and save it

- Wendell Berry


Full Stack Developer

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If you want to achieve big things, do small things right.

- John.C.Maxwell


Marketing Manager

Do good for others it will come back in unexpected ways

-Karen Salmansohn




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