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Bring Employee Social Responsibility to your organization for engaged employees and lasting positive impact.

Our Partners 


How does it Work?


Create a Digital Wallet for your Employees

Via our App, companies can create fully customizable "Giving Wallets" with a desired donation budgets for their employees. By creating equally sized coupons, the wallet budget is then divided among the employees.

"The Givetastic App is a great fusion of emotional narrative and swarm intelligence functionality. Top !"


Uwe Berger, CEO,

     B&B Markenagentur GmbH

How can You Create Lasting Positive Impact?

By Giving Money 

Set up a digital wallet with an individual donation budget to your employees. Choose from over 200+ accredited projects


The Mission

We believe that every person and every organization can make the world a better place. 


Our goal is to promote social engagement and transparency and empower individuals to create positive social impact.