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Givetastic recommends charitable organizations relevant to you and the content you read. So the next time you feel like giving to a cause you care for, you can find the right organization instantly.

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Read about causes that move you

While youre reading your daily news and articles we check for relevant Charity Organisations that matter to help. Nothing more - nothing less.

Open the Givetastic plugin

You decide if and where your charity budget goes to. If you want to help, click the Givetastic extension icon on your browser.





Contribute in your own way

You make the difference for people, for nature, for the issue you want to support. Choose an organisation and how you want to support them.

“We make living by what we get.
           We make a life by what we give.“

“We make living by what we get.
We make a life by what we give.“


Instant Giving

People are more likely to contribute to a cause they care for while reading about it. We believe that a prompt and timely connection with the right charity will encourage more contributions and help bring out the good in people.

Support Smaller Charities

People prefer contributing to small local charities in their area, but these lack the marketing power of established organizations to reach those people. We plan to change that through our smart, location based recommendations.

New Initiatives

Starting an initiative is tough, and we want to empower people in that regard. By allowing people to register their campaign or drive with us, we plan to give it traction by showing it to relevant people through our smart recommendations.

Why Us is not just another company. We believe that technology can be used for social good and want to pave an example for change. Our aim is to inspire virtuous actions around the world. Our use of AI technology is purely limited to providing you good recommendations. We honor your data privacy and would never misuse your trust in any way.

Vidya Munde-Müller

Co-Founder / Product Manager

Vidya is an experienced product manager who was recently declared an Ambassador for the ‚Women in AI‘ initative. Among other things, Vidya believes that we should bring ‚Charity & Giving‘ into the digital age of computers and internet

Saurabh Shirodkar

Co-Founder / Developer

Saurabh is a skilled and highly motivated computer engineer who has worked on many interesting projects in AI. He now wants to use his passion for AI and NLP to do good for society.

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and Public Policy

Arts & Culture,

Human and
Civil Rights





Supported Languages


More Coming Soon

Supported Cities and Countries

For our beta prototype, we support basically the charities based in USA and use the Charity Navigator® for delivering the results. As we are still in a beta mode, we haven’t entered any formal cooperation with them

Data Source

Charity Navigator is our current data source for charity database.
You can find more information here.

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