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Corporate Solution 

Give your Employees a Budget for engaging in Social and Environmental Causes


Why Givetastic?

Givetastic provides a smart Giving & Engagement Platform that empowers companies to engage their employees in social and environmental causes.


Our platforms allow companies to give all employees a defined amount of their corporate CSR or donation budget so that each employee can make self-determined donations to projects.



Employee Engagement

Companies can manage social commitment better and more efficiently and at the same time involve their employees

The Desire for Self Expression

"84 percent want their company to help them identify ways to get more involved in their communities."

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Employer Branding

Social engagement as a key to attract, retain and engage employees. As companies become more transparent, they gain visibility and reputation and improve their social standing in the society

Talent Attraction and Retention

"88 percent say their job is more fulfilling when they are provided opportunities to make a positive impact on social and environmental issues."

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Strengthen Company Culture

Many companies are struggling to maximize social impact despite spending huge amounts on CSR due to silo structures inside the company. Make your employees a social voice of your company.  Embrace purposeful engagement across all areas of organization.

The Hunger for Co-Creation

"89 percent expect employers to provide hands-on activities around environmental responsibilities in the workplace."

Donation = Smart Investment

Achieve more from your donation and engage your employees! 72% employees feel good to work at a company where they can make a positive impact

Rise of Volunteerism

Millennials seek volunteerism activities including "Corporate-led activities (83 percent) and Micro-volunteerism (76 percent)."

Cost Savings

Time and resources invested in Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and research are saved. Easy administration of donation receipts. Tax benefits due to deductions from corporate taxes

Augment Social Portfolio

Easy addition to Corporate Social Responsibility Portfolio. Companies can assess their impact based on NGO feedback. Due Diligence of the NPOs from

Marketing Content and Analytics

Generate marketing content such as social media posts easily using analytics data for internal and external marketing

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