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Creating a positive impact for 
People & Planet!

How does ImpactBoard work?

5 Steps

Sign up for the Challenge

Join IMPACTBOARD effortlessly by signing up and creating a customized workspace, tailored to meet your specific requirements and preferences


Giving Credits


IMPACTBOARD recognizes employees by offering them 2000 monthly credits, which can be utilized to engage in goal-aligned challenges, fostering participation and rewarding their contributions.


Completing the Challenges

With four weeks to make a positive impact, our platform supports employees with resources and guidance throughout the challenge.


At IMPACTBOARD,  we celebrate achievements by rewarding employees with recognition upon challenge completion, showcasing their dedication and contributions.

Rewards and Recognition



Certificates and Feedback

IMPACTBOARD values employee branding and improvement, sharing certificates of completion and gathering valuable feedback to refine our platform and challenge offerings, creating an evolving experience .

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Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to create healthy, happy, and sustainable workplaces for people and the planet!

Explore the Challenges!


Reducing Anxiety 

Embark on the 1- Month anxiety challenge, one step at a time, to build resilience and recliam the joy. Sign Up for the Challenge!

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Resilience Techniques

Become the master of resilience! Join the challenge and discover how these techniques can enhance your mental and physical well-being.

Sleep Challenge


Engage in the mindful exercises before sleep and let tranquility pave the way to a truly restful slumber.


Sign up, stay up to date and become part of our journey!  

Thank you for Subscribing! We will from now on keep you in the loop!

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