Companies can create fully customizable "Giving Wallets" with a desired donation budgets.

By creating equally sized coupons, the wallet budget is then divided among the employees.


Via the Givetastic App, coupons are distributed and employees are able to take an active stance in the CSR practices of their employer. 

1. Create a Digital Wallet for your Employees


Employees select and donate to social projects based on their interests and skills through the Givetastic Application.

2. Employees then select the Projects of their Choice

How does it Work?


Givetastic transfers the money to the selected projects. Company gets a donation receipt for the whole amount.

3. Receive a Donation Receipt


All donation and CSR activities are presented on a company dashboard. This ensures internal and external communication


We record all the social commitments of your company in one place and facilitate a joint exchange.

4. Monitor  Activities with Company Dashboard

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