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Visual Abstract April Challenge 2024

  • 4Weeks
  • 31Steps
  • 1Participant
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The 4-Week Challenge for Visual Abstract employs a structured, algorithmic approach to foster healthier habits, improve sustainability, manage stress, and increase physical activity. Each week focuses on a specific area: 1. Week 1 - Improve Sleep Quality and Physical Activity: Participants follow a bedtime routine to enhance sleep, with an algorithm guiding when to start winding down based on a pre-set bedtime. 2. Week 2 - Sustainability Challenge and Physical Activity: Team members calculate their CO2 footprint and identify habits to reduce it, using an algorithm to decide actions based on the footprint results. 3. Week 3 - No Sugar Challenge and Physical Activity: Individuals cut out added sugars and substitutes, choosing fruits or natural alternatives when craving sweets, guided by an algorithm for making dietary choices. 4. Week 4 - Stress Management and Physical Activity: This week combines a breathing exercise for stress, a gym attendance goal, and a weekly running routine, with algorithms determining when to engage in these activities based on stress levels, weekly gym attendance, and weather conditions.




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