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EarthBonus program
a groundbreaking concept designed to prioritize the well-being of employees while making a positive impact on the environment. This unique program empowers participants to actively care for their mental and environmental health, earning valuable bonus credits from their employers in the process.
Elevate your workforce's well-being while showcasing your commitment to sustainability. This program fosters employee growth and satisfaction, bolstering your company's reputation as a socially responsible organization.

Enhance student well-being and highlight your dedication to sustainability. This program improving your institution's reputation as a socially responsible organization, committed to shaping a positive and sustainable future for its students
Unique Concept

Encourage student well-being and environmental engagement with EarthBonus Program:

  • Objective

Reward students for mental health and sustainability activities.

  • Tracks

Mental Health and Environmental Sustainability options.

  • Reward System

Earn points for activities, redeem for vouchers and discounts.

  • Digital Platform

User-friendly app or web interface integrated with university systems.

  • Partnerships

Collaborate with wellness centers, clubs, and academic departments.

  • Promotion

Engage through campaigns, events, and student organizations.

  • Feedback

Continuous improvement with surveys and data analytics.

The EarthBonus program will tailor the credit system to university-related activities.

Participation in wellness programs: a minimum of 2000 points per program. Completion of 80% of the challenge ensures unlock of the rewards. 

For example, Mental & Physical Health Programs and Nature Appreciation Programs: up to 2000 points for involvement and completion of a minimum 80% of monthly tasks.
EarthBonus for Universities
"You know, my fundamental hypothesis is that we evolved to be physically active either when it's necessary or rewarding." 

Dr. Daniel E. Lieberman, Harvard University
  • Priority
Elevate mental well-being, impacting academic success and retention.
  • Behavior Promotion
Encourage sustainable habits for both mental health and the environment.
  • Campus Integration
Blend learning with rewarding experiences.
Strategic Approach
  • Habit Emphasis
Shape lifelong sustainable habits during formative university years.
  • Reward System
Reinforce positive behaviors through meaningful incentives.
Mission Alignment
  • University Goals
Support holistic learning environments.
  • Habit-Forming Software
Integrates health and environmental consciousness into daily student life.
  • Broad Impact
Cultivates positive campus culture, student well-being, and environmental sustainability.
Implementation Steps
  • Partnership
Universities join as EarthBonus partners.
  • Tailored Programs
Customized learning journeys targeting stress management and eco-friendly practices.
  • Meaningful Rewards
Engage students with rewards like healthy food vouchers, fitness access, and academic discounts.
Trial for Universities
  • Focused Learning
Programs on sleep, resilience, and stress management.
  • Student-Centric Rewards
Customized incentives resonating with student interests.

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