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Schiller Team Challenge 2024

  • 5Weeks
  • 33Steps
  • 5Participants
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ImpactBoard Challenge Overview Welcome to the ImpactBoard Challenge, a four-week journey designed to enhance your well-being, promote sustainability, manage stress, and explore the rich history of Heidelberg. Hosted in collaboration with Schiller University Heidelberg ( ) and Givetastic (, this challenge is an exciting opportunity to grow, learn, and connect with your peers. Insta Givetastic ImpactBoard: Insta Schiller University: LinkedIn Givetastic ImpactBoard: LinkedIn Schiller University: - Duration: The challenge spans four weeks, with each week dedicated to a specific theme: Meditation/Relaxation, Sustainability, Exam-Related Stress, and Heidelberg-Tour. - Activities: Every week, participants will engage in activities aligned with the weekly theme. Detailed guidelines and suggestions will be provided to ensure everyone can participate effectively. - Points System: Each completed activity earns you the allotted points. The more activities you complete, the higher your score. - Cash Rewards: Each Team may earn 2€/ day/ team if at least one of the team members completes the task. - Teamwork: Participants are advised to form teams so as to qualify for the cash rewards. Collaboration and support within your team are key to completing the challenges and accumulating points. - Documentation: Teams are encouraged to document their journey through photos, videos, and social media posts, tagging the partners Schiller University and Givetastic and using hastags #ImpactBoardChallenge, #SchillerUniversityHeidelberg, and #Givetastic.




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